The Mocking Dead #1 (of 4)


Release Date:  9/14/13

Words:  Fred Van Lente

Pictures:  Max Dunbar

The Sitch:

The Mocking Dead is Dynamite’s new zombie parody series.  It centers around Aaron Bunch, a giant fanboy who runs a torrent site, but used to be part of a government project that studied genre films and their plausibility of threat to the human population, as well as contingency plans for said threats should they “come to life.”  When zombies become a real life problem, it is Aaron Bunch the government calls to humanity’s rescue, armed with his brain and a flame thrower.

 The Confession:

This is just a plain, old fashioned fun read.  If you pick this up expecting a Walking Dead parody, you will be sorely disappointed.  Instead it’s a parody of zombies and pop culture in general, which I found to be totally enjoyable.  Zombies and their somber tone have permeated pop culture of late, so much so, that poking fun at it is refreshing if you give it a chance and loosen up.  Then again, maybe I should mention I was one of those that actually liked Warm Bodies because I recognized satire and did not mix it up with another attempt at serious sparkly vampires.

The story opens with an unknown person holed up somewhere in a post-apocalyptic world recording, old school, what happened in the days just before the zombies took over.  We are shown that the zombies easily took over humanity because people are stupid.  Really really.  This is funny stuff people.  The writing is chock full of pop culture references and gags.  Seasoned super-nerds, as well as zombie noobs, will be satisfied with the many inside jokes and satirical nods to zombie culture.

Part of the fun of this ride is how well the art works with the words.  As much as the writing and dialogue hold gems for the pop cultured, so too do the pictures. The reader should take in every little detail in this book to fully enjoy it.  The super parody porn was pretty funny, almost as funny as the comic book on Aaron’s desk highlighting, “The comic that’s ONLY variant covers!”  Well played.  The art is grey toned with splashes of blood red, realistic with a cartoon like edge that fits nicely with the the not-so-serious feel.

If you are a hardcore zombie fan, a zombie noob, or just a pop culture nerd that enjoys poking fun at the stupidity of the human race you really should give this one a try.  As a self respecting nerd I personally could not pass up a description that sums up Aaron’s struggle as such,  “…he quickly learns the only thing more dangerous than ravenous walking corpses is the ineptitude of the living!”