Damsels: Mermaids #1


Release Date:  5/8/13

Words:  Matt Sturges

Pictures:  Jean-Paul Deshong

The Sitch: 

This is what happens after The Little Mermaid leaves her original tale with a broken heart.

The Confession:

I live for fairy tale retellings.  The story telling possibilities are endless.  I cannot get enough of finding new stories in the old myths, and legends.  Apparently I’m not the only one who appreciates this, with the success from “Once Upon a Time” and “Grimm” on the tele, to movies like “Jack the Giant Slayer” and several Snow White adaptations.  With so many to choose from nowadays one needs to be careful not to waste their time.  Sturges sets up his tale of The Little Mermaid after the fairy tale ends.  Her one great love has done her wrong and she now lives a lonely life apart from her people, bitter and pissed off.  She happens upon an exiled prince who manipulates her to joining forces with him in the hopes they can get their revenge on together.  Vengeance stories are always more fun and interesting than plain romance alone, and hopefully that is where we are going

Deshong’s illustrations are dark and deep and dreamy.  There is beauty and ugliness in a world without walls or limits.  The pages underwater are my favorite, fluid and open and moody with all the blues and purples.

I will give this one at least another try before deciding if I want to see how this one ends.