Huck #1


Release Date:  11/18/15

Words:  Mark Millar

Pictures:  Rafael Albuquerque

The Sitch:

Huck is an intellectually disabled young man with super powers who lives in a small, quiet, seaside town. His fellow townspeople keep the secret of his abilities so he, and they, can continue to live their peaceful and idyllic existence. This life allows Huck to grow into the good natured soul he is, having been brought up to value the importance and actual practice of doing at least one good deed a day for the town and its people. Huck’s acts of kindness are often slightly odd but done with gentle humor because Huck is the ideal do-gooder and gentle man. Huck’s world and character is Rockwell-esque perfection until a newcomer alerts the media, forcing Huck on a whole new scale of adventure.

The Confession:

This is the most hopeful and optimistic comic story I have read in a long time. When I said “Rockwell-esque,” I meant it. The whole book just feels good, warm and fuzzy, but not saccharine sweet. Millar’s words and Albuquerque’s pictures work to tell an engaging and beautiful story of hope and goodness at a time when we (humanity) really need to be reminded of why we continue to fight the good fight. Huck’s character is developed and defined not by any disability but by the actions of the man himself. I love how Huck is so sweetly mischievous and laconic that the silent sequences tell more than words ever could. Actions here really do speak louder than words.


Did I mention how beautiful this book is? Did I mention how in love I am with Albuquerque’s art in general? Those silent sequences I mentioned before are outstanding. This book showcases his softer side of watercolor style and is breathtaking to behold, making the feels so much more intense. The contrast of the monochrome television screen depicting the outside world’s turmoil within Huck’s utopian world’s setting is striking. Although I have to admit I am biased. I could flip through pages of Albuquerque’s panels indefinitely when they are as magical as the first few pages of this book.




Huck is a hopeful and uplifting book about a tender-hearted, readily likable character, carefully crafted by Mark Miller and Rafael Albuquerque, reason enough to add this title to your pull list today.