Heart in a Box (TP)

Dark Horse

Release Date: (in trade) 9/16/15

Words: Kelly Thompson

Pictures: Meredith McClaren

The Sitch:

From the Dark Horse description:

When the Man with No Name breaks Emma’s heart, she wants to die. But you never die from these things; you just want to. In a moment of weakness, she wishes her broken heart away and a mysterious stranger–who may or may not be totally evil–obliges. But emptiness is even worse than grief, and Emma sets out to collect the seven pieces of her heart spread across the country, a journey that forces her to face her own history and the cost of recapturing it, and leads inevitably to a confrontation with the Man with No Name himself!

The Confession:

It’s a simple enough concept. Obviously, Heart in a Box is a metaphor for life and heartbreak. This is all a given. What isn’t a given is how heartfelt and sincere this story is. Thompson has created a beautiful story that at once is painful but heals more than anything. I must confess that I love when these seemingly small fantasy stories get inside the core of my feels and force my usually cynical and dead heart to start beating again. That’s magic. Thompson is my new storytelling crush.

McClaren’s art has a bit of a Manga influence. She has a gift with depicting human emotion, the eyes in particular are very expressive. I love how, though a bit cartoonish in a good way, her character designs are super real, too. Her use of color is harmonious, flowing and changing with emotions in the same way sadness and joy flow in and out of our own personal real life stories. She makes the passage of time look almost tangible. It really is a beautiful book.

Heart in a Box is the kind of book you want to cuddle up with on a Sunday morning. I also would love to buy several copies of this book to give to friends for when some inevitable heartbreak comes along. Life happens. Why not make it a little more beautiful by getting this book for yourself or someone else?

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