Empress #1

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Release Date:  4/6/16

Words:  Mark Millar

Pictures:  Stuart Immonen

The Sitch:  

65 million years ago, Earth was ruled over by the ruthless King Morax. King Morax likes to rule his people with the threat of violence and death. He is married to a woman named Emporia, who after seventeen years of marriage makes a break for freedom from her husband’s tyranny and a better life with her three children, ages 15, 10 and 18 months. Emporia and her children, together with the help of her loyal body guard, Dane Havelock, begin an escape that is all danger and fast-paced action.

The Confession:

Mark Millar rarely disappoints with his stories and this is no exception. Empress is all science fiction and action, crazy fast action that does not stop. The main protagonist is a strong female lead, a woman who is smart, determined and courageous enough to not sit around and allow her children to grow under the influence of their ruthless father. She wants a better life for them and intends to get it for them. Never underestimate a mother’s love. Emporia is one bad ass mother.

Immonen’s art is dynamic, using vibrant colors and panels that display a grand scale of story telling. There is a seamless flow of fast movement that gives the reader a sense of urgency and anticipation. The depiction of so many contrasting characters and their personalities while they deal with what life throws at them is as effortless as it is beautiful.

Empress #2 was released 5/4/16. If you are a fan of the thrilling, high-paced science fiction chase, give Empress a try. The art alone is worth it.





Ultron AU 001 Tie-In

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Release Date:  4/10/13

Words:  Kathryn Immonen

Pictures:  Amilcar Pinna

The Sitch: 

Victor Mancha, formally of The Runaways and android son of Ultron, is holed up somewhere in the ruins of his father’s attack on humanity.  He is saving orphaned children he finds in the rubble and is taking them back to his hideout to care for them.  Victor’s android secret is revealed, but before he can convince the children he’s not one of the bad guys, a squad of Ultrons attack the secret hideout, forcing him to take an active stand against his father.

The Confession:

Here, again, I am intimidated by history.  I’m lost.  I sense there is a much bigger story going on and I missed it.  I take it some really huge event has happened and it has some major ramifications on the universe.  Being the son of the guy responsible for the big bad must warrant his own tie-in.  I take it this will need much more research on my part to truly get this one.  As an introduction to this character, Kathryn Immonen gives a promising start but the story did not grip my attention.  It did make me want to find out what is so beloved of these Runaways characters I keep reading about.

Amilcar Pinna’s vibrant art seemed in contrast to the dire story line.  It has a youthful feel and the colors are so bright that it’s hard to remember that the world is in ruin.  Most intriguing of the panels were the ones depicting the ghosts of Victor’s memories.