Mockingbird: S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary #1


Release Date:  9/2/15

Words: Chelsea Cain

Pictures: Joelle Jones

The Sitch:

Mockingbird: S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary #1 issue also contains the debut of The Red Widow, Red Widow: First Strike, words by Margaret Stohl and pictures by Nico Leon.

Mockingbird has always been one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s best agents but a crime against someone close to her forces her to take matters into her own hands. Using her many special skills, she will do what she needs to do to see justice is paid.

The Confession:

Mockingbird is a stand-alone, one shot look at the Mockingbird character, an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. fan favorite that has not gotten the attention she deserves. Sadly, this isn’t an ongoing book. It’s a real shame as Cain seems to really know Bobbi Morse. She has made an intriguing mini-story depicting Bobbi as a multi-layered woman who is super smart, snarky and badass. I would love to see what Cain could do with an actual ongoing book for Mockingbird like they have done for Black Widow and Electra.

I have to confess the main reason I had to get this book, the art. Joelle Jones’ art is so freaking rad. (Hello? Lady Killer anyone?) She makes Bobbi look awesome. Her style is clean, bold, and breathtakingly beautiful. She has a gift depicting kickass female spies with so much style and badassery I can never resist picking up one of her books. All you have to know to get this book is that Bobbi Morse is not just a scientist, she’s a biochemist. She’s also a super hero and spy. This woman can do anything and with Jones showing you how Bobbi does it all is worth every penny.

Mockingbird 02


The teaser mini-story follow-up, The Red Widow: First Stike, promotes Stohl’s upcoming YA novel Black Widow: Forever Red on sale in October and is worth a look. Stohl paces a good story full of intrigue and drama in just a few pages. Leon’s art is a little subdued but also knows how and when to throw a good punch. Don’t stop reading when Mockingbird is done.



Black Widow #1

Marvel Now!

Release Date:  1/8/14

Words:  Nathan Edmondson

Pictures:  Phil Noto

The Sitch:

Natasha Romanov, known better as Black Widow, the sometime Avenger, sometime agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., sometime assassin, full time woman who kicks ass finally gets her due:  an ongoing series under Marvel Now.  It’s about time.

The Confession:

Everyone who reads comics is familiar with Black Widow but does anyone really know her?  We see her alongside many a major male supes, assisting the team with saving the world and other such heroics, but rarely do we see her for who she really is, the woman under the determined badassery do gooder.  She has a past that she is unwilling to reveal because she is a woman on a mission to move on and spend her life atoning for, apparently, some majorly dark stuff.  Edmondson introduces her in a moment in which she uses manipulative deception laced with truth for better believability.  So how do we know what is the illusion and what is the truth?  Moral ambiguity is so sexy.

Noto’s art is in perfect harmony with the tone of the story.  The colors are mostly in an orange-red palette that is offset with a lot of white border.  It’s freaking beautiful.  It’s all very 1960’s spy noir but with a modernized touch.  There is an elegance to the panels and how he depicts Natasha, a certain grace and power that is not oversexualized or exploitive.  This is what every complex female character in comics deserves.  Just check out the action of this page:


Just buy it.  Get it on your pull list and educate yourself on how women should be respected properly already.  Evolution is a beautiful process.