Grimm Fairy Tales: Unleashed #1: Day Breaks

Zenescope Entertainment

Release Date:  4/24/13

Words:  Pat Shand, Raven Gregory

Pictures:  Carlos Paul, Jacob Bear, Miguel Mendonca

The Sitch: 

A new enemy arises in the Zenescope world that threatens Highborns, Falsebloods and mortals alike.  This new evil, known as The Being, opens a portal to a realm that contains all sorts of monsters that have been trapped for centuries, unleashing them on an unsuspecting world.

The Confession:

“Unleashed” kicks off Zenescope’s event of the year that includes an additional five crossover titles to expand the story on the side.  True to Zenescope form, the story takes classic monsters and their stories and gives them a modern twist.  In the opening of this story, time is not wasted, introducing not just the Big Bad of the story, but Greek Gods, vampires, werewolves, and a few great monster hunters.  Shand quickly develops a mystery and the characters surrounding it effortlessly and at such a pace that nothing is wasted, everything is in constant motion, with plenty of action and intrigue. This is what guilty pleasures are made of.

Just as the stories of the Zenescope universe are a bit over-the-top, so is the artwork.  It’s beautiful.  Sure, there is the T&A exploitation one expects from Zenescope but if you can move past that and just admire the talent you cannot deny the beauty.  The illustrations are gothic goodness, dark and rich and bold.  It’s worth some time for the eye candy alone.

It looks like a promising set up for this summer’s big event with the promise of zombies and demons in the upcoming crossovers.  If you are looking for a fun ride to distract you from the heat of summer, this is it.