Death Sentence #1

Titan Comics

Release Date:  10/9/13

Words:  Monty Nero

Pictures:  Mike Dowling

The Sitch:

People who have contracted a terrifying new STD known as the G+ virus must face a literal death sentence.  Upon diagnosis, victims are given a life expectancy of six months, but in a strange twist of fate, they also get super powers.  If one has to go out, why not go out with a super bang?  Death Sentence #1 introduces three Brits facing new death sentences, graphic designer Verity, down and out rocker Weasel, and celebrity personality Monty.  Apparently these three have a lot of super power potential which gets the attention of the British military who are not too keen on random people with a lot of super power potential and not much to live for.

The Confession:

I had no idea what this comic was going to be about when I picked it up.  The cover depicts a cute, tattooed, punky girl with the title sprawled, graffiti style, across the top.  It also depicts a positive endorsement from Mark Millar.  I knew this had to be something of the more dark and twisted nature.  I did not assume wrong.  It IS gleefully dark and twisted, at times sad and at others funny.  It’s a fresh and kind of awesome take on the normal establishment fearing the newly super powered citizens.  Sure, it may remind most of how the X-Men came to be, and it is similar, only with more crass.  And that crass gives it style! The six month death sentence really ups the emotional ride.  Issue #1 deals with the discovery phase of the characters and they deal with it pretty authentically, making the reader interested in what comes next.

The artwork is perfect for the subject matter.  It is gorgeous in it’s squalor.  You get the distinct  feel of the the dark and dirty while still being bold and colorful.  You can feel the pain of the characters in their faces and how they hold themselves after being told the news.  At first glance the world is sort of rough and edgy.  At the same time there are the coolest little details to see, like the boldly beautiful tattoos on Verity’s body.

If you take your humor with a twist of dark and morbid, give Death Sentence a shot.  All you need to know is a sexually transmitted disease gives people super powers, but kills them in six months.  How can you say no to that?  Easy peasy.