The Maxx: Maxximized #1


Release Date:  11/27/13

Words:  Sam Kieth

Pictures:  Sam Kieth

The Sitch:

Twenty years ago The Maxx began it’s original run as a comic and, for a short time, as a proto-motion comic series on MTV.  IDW is bringing back a beloved 90’s cult classic in Maxximized #1.  This is not a simple re-release of the Maxx we know from back in the day. Kieth has played with both the narrative and art to make a stronger work.  Ronda Pattison recolors the artwork, giving the book a more vibrant look than the original.

The Confession:

I’m too biased to write about this.  I loved Maxx in the 90’s.  It was dark and it was gritty.  It was about the twistedness of the human psyche. It was violent and it was touching.  It had a strong female character that refused to be defined.  It had a huge, nice dude in a purple onesie who couldn’t remember who he was but felt compelled to look after his social worker, Julie.  There were times the big guy would slip into an alternate dimension called The Outback in which Julie was the Jungle Queen.  And no, The Outback was not really Australia.  And yes, it was weird!  I totally loved it.

Kieth’s writing is like noir-like prose.  His character drama alone is worth it.  I will always have a soft spot for Maxx and Julie.  Kieth’s art is almost garish in the best way possible. The new coloring really makes it pop.  Better yet is the innocent childlike quality in the drawings, with its cartoonish style, that quickly turns into a gritty, grizzly realism, that still gives me the shivers.

I still love it.

Old fans will bask in the nostalgia of better days.  Newbies can comfortably start at the beginning and find something that still stands out in the current flood of good books.