Mercy Sparx #1

Devil’s Due Publishing

Release Date:  7/3/13

Words:  Josh Blaylock

Pictures:  Matt Merhoff


The Sitch:

Mercy Sparx is a demon from somewhere between heaven and hell.  She works for heaven, hunting down rogue angels, the kind with funky colored hair and tramp stamps.  Her latest mission is to bring the Muse, Serendipity, known on Earth as D.J. Dip, to the heavenly authorities and it is not going well.

The Confession:

This comic is just plain fun.  It does not take itself seriously, pulling out all the over the top stops.  It’s like the Suicide Girls actually got to star in a good comic.  (Okay, that isn’t exactly fair as I have not actually read the Suicide Girls comic.  I admit, I only looked at the pictures.)  Once you get over the gratuitous female exploitation, it’s a fun ride.  Unless you’re into that sort of thing… then… bonus!!  The story is decent enough and Mercy is a fun bitch to “watch.”

There is a lot of sexy hipster eye candy in this book.  The art is bubble gum sexy, bright and bold.  Sure, it seems like the tattooed, busty babes are overused but I get the feeling that’s the point.  It’s just plain, dirty fun.

If you enjoyed the movie Dogma you just may have the sense of humor to enjoy Mercy Sparx.