Wytches #1


Release Date:  10/8/14

Words:  Scott Snyder

Pictures:  Jock

The Sitch:

Sailor Rook is a teenage outcast looking for a new start, trying to heal from her own personal brush with terror.  She has two loving parents who are trying their best to hold it together enough to provide their daughter an environment where she can heal her wounds. Whatever it is they are trying to put behind them has no intention of letting them get very far.

The Confession:

Scott Snyder really knows how to weave the creeps in a tale.  Wytches is not about cheap shock value tricks or simple gore.  It’s about the kind of terror that starts out like an itch and slowly, steadily, turns into a raging rash.  Much of this oversize first issue is character development, Snyder makes you care about this family long before the crap hits the fan. The reader quickly comes to fear for the Rooks, during which an overhanging sense of dread only gets thicker as the backstory is revealed, piece by bloody piece.  From the chilling opening to the final cliffhanger, the reader won’t be able to shake the permeating feeling of fear.

Snyder trusts Jock for good reason.  His style is perfect for the horror genre.  It’s a bit like a scratchy impressionist.  He also knows how to use negative space to inspire the creepy. Shadows breath under his pen.  He also has a keen eye for expressions and body language.  He has this uncanny ability to focus on the more mundane aspects of the life of the Rooks family so that by the time something strange happens its all the more scary. It’s unsettling.

I hate spoiling stories like these.  Let’s just say if you are a fan of this creative team, this is a no brainer.  Wytches has got all sorts of themes that make horror stories truly terrifying… bullying, coming of age through the witnessing and survival of horrors unprocessable, the struggle of parents fighting for a normal childhood for their wounded child, the family unit forced into new surroundings due to tragedy, violent pasts, and ancient evils.  The first four pages alone will be enough to bring you back for issue two.  Wytches is one of the best new horror stories out right now – go get it.



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