Hinterkind #1


Release Date:  10/2/13

Words:  Ian Edginton

Pictures:  Francesco Trifogli

The Sitch:

The world as we know it has moved on, whether it has moved forward or backward is the question.  “The Blight” has all but ended the human race and nature has taken her world back.  What humans that have survived must continue to survive in a bizarre world in which what was once known as myth is now reality.  Hinterkind focuses on Prosper Monday and her bestie Angus as they come of age in a time of myth and legend somewhere in our not-so-distant future.

The Confession:

Hinderkind’s cover drew me in, it looked like something from Saga only instead of sci fi genre bending, it’s bending the urban fantasy genre.  After reading issue #1, I’m convinced, it really IS something like Saga for the urban fantasy genre.  The reader is dropped into this bizarre world around a village that is somewhere in what was once Central Park, at some unknown time after “The Blight” has wiped out reality as we know it.  What is left of the human race is surviving the best they can in small villages that have had to revert to hunter/gatherer days and contend with creatures dangerous and bizarre, creatures of myth and legend that humankind had once pushed to the shadows.  The time of these creatures has finally come back around and not even human beings can remain untouched by this evolution.  Prosper Monday reminds me a Katniss-type girl, aspiring to hunter status with her bow and arrow skills.  Her bestie in crime is Angus who has issues of his own to contend with.  Inadvertently these two set off in a bizarre adventure together past the comfort and safety of their village.  I like how we have yet to find out the details of how the world has moved on, it just has.  The word “hinterkind” translates from German to English as “behind child.”  I guess we will see how these children are forced to go back and redeem themselves and their race for whatever part they had in the way things have come to be.  It looks like the creatures they will have to reckon with in order to do this will prove an interesting and formidable challenge.

The artwork is bright and beautiful, reflecting the fairy tale mood set in a post apocalyptic world.  The “once upon a time” spread in the beginning is striking, the New York skyline has gone from its concrete jungle days to a lush forest growing out of buildings and skyscrapers under brilliant blue sun shiny skies.  Even cooler are the creatures this new landscape houses, many familiar-ish creatures from the fairy tales we all grew up with and new hybrids like the tiger striped, white maned lions.

I know post apocalyptic tales are a dime a dozen these days but a few still stand out now and again.  This one puts an interesting spin on it using urban fantasy instead of the usual zombie fare.  Being one of those that have always been obsessed with fairy tales retold, I’m an easy sell.  I like this one.


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