Red Sonja #1


Release Date:  7/17/13

Words:  Gail Simone

Pictures:  Walter Geovani

The Sitch:

Red Sonja attempts to settle a debt of honor by training and leading a group of villagers to defend themselves against a brutal horde in just a few days.

The Confession:

Prior to picking up this book I had no knowledge of Red Sonja.  Unless you count the exception of that really bad movie with Brigitte Nielsen and Arnold Schwarzenegger back in the 80’s.  If you don’t know what I’m referring to, consider yourself lucky.  I have a suspicion that movies suck factor poisoned me against giving the character another chance, that is, until Gail Simone.

Simone does not disappoint in her execution of a solid first issue.  As expected, the first issue is the presentation and set up.  Simone shows Sonja, a barbarian in her element, in a setting of war and savagery.  She is in a dire situation that shows who she is, a woman who can be brutal and savage, yet compassionate and merciful.  She has a strong moral core and a sure sense of honor that may not be readily seen through her barbarian actions.  The girl has layers.  Also appreciated is, despite the story’s serious nature, there is humor interjected in all the right places.

Walter Geovani provides beautiful visuals to underscore the story.  He can draw characters naturally that are expressive in both facial expressions and body language.  My favorite panels are when Sonja shows three bunglers the consequences of underestimating a lady.  She is a warrior goddess in every sense.

Followers of the character and of Simone will no doubt be pleased.  Newbies, like me will find a strong, provocative female character that is worth following.  Sisters, don’t let the tiny armor, male-centric eye candy dissuade you.  Red Sonja is not a woman you want to judge at face, or body, value.


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